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The rarest Tanzanite variety

The rarest Tanzanite variety

Over the past decades Tanzanite has become quite a popular gemstone, which is widely used by jewelers in different countries.Much of this popularity owes to a powerful marketing campaign of notorious Tiffany & Co.

So what do we know about Tanzanites?

1)Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite, which is quite common on our planet

2)However, the only place in the world that gives jewelry-quality zoisites with blue or purplish body color is Tanzania.

3)99% of Tanzanites are heat-treated, as most of them start out as dull brown-yellow-green stones (though there are a few exceptions).

So which Tanzanites are the rarest? Maybe the ones that do not need any heat treatment and come out already a beautiful blue colour?

Of course, such stones are very rare, but there exists something more interesting. Something many of you might not even know about: Pink Tanzanite!

How often are these stones found? In gemological sphere people describe this variety as “extremely rare”.You can even barely find any dealer who will tell you the approximate price of such piece of exotic.

The pink colour in such specimens is due to manganese admixtures, while in the Tanzanites, which we are accustomed to, the coloring is a consequence of vanadium in its composition. Simply put, the geological conditions of the formation of the Pink Tanzanite are so rare that on finding such a stone it would be appropriate to say "the stars are aligned".

Generally speaking, it is extremely difficult to find a good quality Pink Tanzanite on the market, as most of the specimens found will be immediately sold to private collections away from prying eyes.

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