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Blue diamonds:Nature vs Science

Blue diamonds:Nature vs Science

It is widely known that there diamonds have rich pallet of shades. Today we are going to discuss one of the most expensive diamond variety-Blue diamonds.

Natural Blue diamonds are extremely rare in nature. A chance to find a blue diamond in a deposit is 0.02% only. However, people mastered a treatment methods that can turn other diamonds into blue ones that are much cheaper than untreated stones.

The first method includes electron bombardment of the stone in order to change it color. The diamonds exposed to that treatment are safe as it doesn’t have any radiation emission. However, there exist a main weak point.

The color penetrates the stone only for several microns which means that if you recut or repolish it, the color goes off .

The second method is called HPHT(High Pressure, High Temperature) and replicates natural processes of blue diamond formation. This method is better than irradiation in terms of resistance to polishing and recutting. Additionally, it takes only few hours to get a vibrant and lovely blue color.

If we compare the prices between natural blue and treated blue diamonds, there will be about 10x price difference between them!
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