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Where do the best emeralds come from?

Where do the best emeralds come from?

Emerald is one of the most valued and impressive gemstone in the jewelry world. It has really rich history, starting from the ancient times. But where can we find the best emeralds? Such a comprehensive question.

Today, emeralds are mined in 4 main deposits. They are Afghanistan, Zambia, Russia and Colombia. Now let’s talk about each of them.

Afghanistan. Emerald mines are located in Panjshir valley and, compared to other deposits, is quite young. That’s why people are less aware of afghan emeralds. However, some stones from Panjshir perform rich color and intense color that can even compete with Colombian emeralds.

Zambia. These emeralds usually have intense «green grass» color, which is typical for most of them. Compared to Colombian stones, they don’t perform bluish undertone.

Russia. Russian emeralds are mainly found in Ural region. Most of them have light body color with relatively good clarity. However, some pieces looks like the best Colombian examples!

Colombia. These deposit is not only a deposit, it’s truly a gemstone brand. For centuries, Colombian mines produced exceptional emeralds for several centuries and still maintain their quality. The emeralds from Colombia perform rich green color with traditional bluish undertone, which adds a bit of royalty to the overall appearance. There are three main mines in the country: Coscuez, Chivor and Muzo. Stones from these deposits have the highest price in the market.

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