Color: Blue
Weight: 7.45 cts
Treatment: None
Origin: Tanzania

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Basic gemstone information:
Chrysoberyl is a mineral with a golden yellow or green color. The gemstone often has a cat's eye effect or starburst.

The main deposits of Chrysoberyl are in Brazil, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

In royal times, chrysoberyl was worn exclusively by nobles and kings, and was considered a luxurious royal stone indicating a high position in society.

Chrysoberyl is believed to help with food and alcohol poisoning, skin diseases. "Cat's eye" is recommended for normalizing blood circulation and heart function, getting rid of shortness of breath.

Chrysoberyl is good for Scorpios, Aquarians and Gemini - it will balance their unpredictable natures, lead to success and power, enhance creativity.

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