Pink Spinel

Color: Pink
Weight: 2.55 cts
Treatment: None
Origin: Tajikistan

Basic gemstone information:
Spinel is a beautiful gemstone that has a wide range of colors. The chemical composition of the mineral is similar to rubies and sapphires, but differs from them by its isotropic structure. The hardness of the stone is 8 on the Mohs scale.

The main deposits of Spinel are located in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Tajikistan.

It is interesting that Imperial crowns of Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France and thrones of Eastern rulers are decorated with Spinel.

The gemstone effectively relieves headaches, and has immunity-boosting properties. The stone is recommended to be worn in case of blood pressure problems and heart muscle diseases.

The stone is suitable for those born under the zodiac signs of Fire. "Favorites" of the mineral - Lions, for them Spinel will be a real "magnet of good luck".

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