Color: Orange
Weight: 3.78 cts
Treatment: None
Origin: Tajikistan

Basic gemstone information:
Clinogumite is a mineral of the silicate class. The name "clinogumite" comes from the shape of the mineral crystals and the name of the English geologist and collector A. Hume, who discovered the humite group in 1813. The color of clinogumite is usually yellow, yellow-gray, with increased iron content - orange, reddish-brown.

The main deposits of Clinogumite are located in Tajikistan, Spain and Italy.

Clinogumites were discovered only in 1974, in Tajikistan, near the mountain Kuh-i-Lam, 50 km from Khorog. They are very limited in number, and the undoubted beauty of Clinogumite in cut contributes to the fact that the stones are quickly dispersed to jewelry projects and private collections

It is believed that this stone has a positive effect on the brain, stimulates vision, has a positive effect on digestion, relieves insomnia, alleviates stress and generally improves the tone of the entire body.

According to astrology, Clinogumite is suitable for all signs of the zodiac, apart from Aries. They should seek its help with caution - the influence of the stone can make them overconfident and arrogant, and such character traits are unlikely to benefit them.

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