Color: Green
Weight: 6.69 cts
Treatment: None
Origin: Pakistan

Basic gemstone information:
Peridot is one of the oldest minerals known to mankind. Another name for peridot is "chrysolite", which literally means "golden stone".

The main deposits of Peridot are located in Pakistan, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Peridots are formed only in extreme conditions. They are created in the interior of the Earth's mantle, from where they are pushed to the surface by magma during volcanic eruptions. They are found and mined in the solidified magma.

Peridot is often used to treat colds and eye diseases. If peridot beads are worn by patients suffering from bronchial asthma, attacks will become much less frequent.

According to astrology, the mineral is most suitable for Gemini, Virgo, Lions, Libra and Pisces. Peridot will help them to understand themselves, realize their desires and goals, get rid of moodiness and confidently move toward the realization of their dreams.

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