Color: Blue
Weight: 6.40 cts
Treatment: None
Origin: Iran

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Basic gemstone information:
Turquoise is the oldest mineral on the planet. It is a rather soft and fragile material. The word "turquoise" itself is of Persian origin: "firuze" - "bringing happiness" or "piruz" - "bringing victory".

The main deposits of Turquoise are located in Iran, the United States and Mexico.

In ancient Persia and Tibet, this stone was a means of payment, it was valued  more than diamonds, turquoise jewelry was worn by almost all residents.

The healing qualities of Turquoise are due to the fact that in its structure there are particles of copper. Thanks to this stone is able to stop bleeding, inflammatory processes. Turquoise is indicated for peptic ulcers, diseases of the digestive system, liver.

Turquoise is advantageous to Sagittarius-born people because it encourages their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, enhances communication, and helps wearers achieve all their objectives and soar to greater heights in life by channeling good energy.

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