Color: Blue
Weight: 9.46 cts
Treatment: None
Origin: Tanzania

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Basic gemstone information
Tanzanite is a rare jewellery stone, a variety of the mineral zoisite. The classic color is blue-violet. Its hardness is 6-7 on Mohs’s scale.

There is only one known deposit of it in the world - in the north of Tanzania, which was discovered in the middle of the 20th century.

What is interesting, the stone starred in the Oscar-winning movie "Titanic" as a large blue diamond "Heart of the Ocean".

Lithotherapists attribute the mineral's ability to improve eyesight - it is recommended for people who work at a computer. To experience the healing power of the gemstone, it should be admired by a wearer more often.

In astrology, Tanzanite birthstone is suitable for humans born in December month or under Sagittarius sign, as it provides protection against negative energies and psychic attacks for them.
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